7496 - Following the Fall


Audio transcript

Today our topic is: "Following The Fall".

When Adam exercised his volition and ate the forbidden fruit, spiritual death entered the realm of human life. Since ‘the fall’ every person born on earth has faced the reality of spiritual death. There is no escaping this truth. Each person is dead in sin and must be born again if they are to experience spiritual life – to have a personal relationship with the Living God.

Oh Friend, each person must receive new spiritual life as a gift of grace through the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus tasted this death but won the victory over sin and death on the cross of Calvary. Now He offers new life to anyone who will receive it by faith. There is no other source, no other way. Salvation is found only in and through Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12; John 14:7).

Sharing this gospel message is the primary ministry of SONlight. We prepare and send to radio stations short messages – seeds of the good news. These messages are shared in both the English and Spanish languages over about 1650 radio stations. About 85% of these stations have secular formats – country western, middle of the road, rock, all kinds – so we reach many people who never darken the door of a church.

Here’s a sample of these messages...

[60 second Evangelism SONspot - B225]

Friend, the entrance requirement for heaven is to be pure and holy, to be righteous before God. Since people are sinners there is no way we may personally attain this perfection. Our sins of attitude and action stand in the way.

But there is hope. As the spot we played tells us, when we place our faith in Jesus Christ then our sins are forgiven. The Bible tells us that our sins are wiped out like a cloud which evaporates into the sky on a summer day (Is 44:22).

But friend, that’s not all, the righteousness of Jesus Christ, the perfect Son of God, is then placed upon us (2Cor 5:21; 1Cor 1:30). We are clothed in the garments of salvation and covered with the robe of righteousness (Is 61:10), so that we then are qualified to meet the entrance requirements for heaven.

Jesus Christ comes into our inner being and takes over as the CEO, as our Lord. He abides within us and we abide in Him. He gives purpose and fulfillment to our life, and we experience joy and peace like we've never known before. His love fills us and flows out to bring blessings to others

But friend, you must receive the gift of new life from Jesus Christ. By a prayer of faith ask Him to:
• forgive your sins,
• to enter your life,
• to give power over sin.
• Thank Him for dying as your substitute.
• Thank Him for keeping His promise to enter your life and to make you a new person.

If you asked Jesus to come into your life, let us know. We will send you a study booklet to help you grow in your faith. And, we'd like to pray for you.