7495 - Heart at Rest


Audio transcript

Friend, it’s great to have you look into God’s Word with us today.

Have you ever been troubled by guilt feelings or even a sense of uneasiness about your Christian life? Today we want to talk about setting our hearts at rest.

Our passage for consideration today comes from 1 John 3, verses 19 and 20. Let me read them first:
This then is how we know that we belong to the truth, and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence (20) whenever our hearts condemn us. For God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything.

Notice these considerations about a restful heart follows thoughts about how Christians should be helpful to our brothers and sisters in Christ. The principle which precedes this passage states that our actions of help and support for those in need should go beyond words of encouragement or even prayer. We should enter into helpful support, even sharing what we have with those less fortunate.

And as we might surmise in this arena of life there is latitude for the evil one to lie to us and accuse us in his attacks to rob us of our peace and contentment in our heart. As Christians, we are secure in our Savior Jesus Christ. The gospel of John (10:28-29) assures believers that no one can snatch us out of this secure position. However, that same chapter of John, chapter 10, tells us that the evil one comes to steal, kill and destroy. That means that the devil is always looking for opportunities to steal from believers the peace which Jesus has given to us. He would love to kill and destroy our contentment and cause anxiety and worry.

If he can accomplish this, then he can prevent a believer from being the radiant witness which the Lord intends us to be as we go about our path of life.

The passage for today conveys the truth that as the Lord gives us opportunity to help a fellow Christian in a time of need and we respond to the Lord’s direction, that this should be a source of joy and assurance that we do indeed belong to the Lord of truth.

You see, in this book of 1 John there are three distinct pieces of evidence which testify to the believer and to others that this person is truly a child of God:
1) we obey the commands and instructions of the Lord.
2) we have an enduring, sacrificial love for fellow Christians. And
3) that to those whose spiritual eyes are enlightened, there is manifest in and through the life of a believer that the Holy Spirit resides in his heart, and is not restricted or hindered by sin in this life; therefore, the power and work of the Holy Spirit is evident in his life. Now, keep in mind that this is only evident to those who are “tuned-in-to” spiritual things.

This proposition of helping a fellow Christian who is in need is ready evidence that the Holy Spirit is working, if the help is directed by the Lord.

Incidents such as these are meant to set our heart at rest in those times when the devil seeks to bring guilt feelings or condemnation into the heart of a believer.

The basic cause of rest is that we recognize that any failure in our life –– and there surely will be some –– is already known by the Lord so it is no secret; but still He continues His steadfast love to us. God is so patient and long-suffering with His children.

The language of this passage in the original carries the meaning that our hearts are soothed or made tranquil in recognizing these truths, so as the English says those who seek God and desire His goodness deep in our souls, may have restful hearts.

May we set our hearts at rest as we abide in Christ.