7488 - Faith


Audio transcript

Let me play for you one of our messages with which we seek to invade the time and space of outsiders throughout the world. By airing these messages over more than 1600 radio stations we are sharing God's good news.

[60 second Evangelism SONspot - CD113 #2 “Lost In the Forest”]

A common theme which runs through each of our messages is the necessity for each individual to exercise faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
What is faith? Let me give you an illustration.

You read about a giant sale of new cars. They have some good deals. You are interested so you talk to them. You choose a make and model, color and the accessories you want. They give you a price and assure you they have plenty in stock, but you must act before Saturday. You go home and make arrangements for financing. You scrape together the required down payment. You get a good nights sleep. You have no fear that they'll change the price. You have no fear that they'll change the deal.

Friend, that's faith. Faith in the dealer.

Faith is an inner assurance that something you hope for will come to pass. It is an inner certainty of things you do not see with your eyes.
What is involved in saving faith? Faith that will gain you forgiveness from sin and entry into heaven?

  1. You must believe that there is only one God of heaven above and the earth beneath. Just one God and that He cares for you.
  2. You must accept God's word that you are a sinner, you have done evil things. You see, you have rejected coming to the Lord up to this time. That's sin.
  3. You must believe that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, came to earth to bear the penalty for sin--that includes your sin too. By His death on the cross, Jesus Christ, received upon himself the punishment, which rightly belongs to you. You must believe this by faith.
  4. You must acknowledge that there's nothing you can do to repay this debt to Jesus. You can't buy it with money and you cannot gain His favor by being good.
  5. By faith you must accept the truth that Jesus offers to give you a new life. He promises to come and live in you, giving you joy and peace, purpose and direction. You need only to accept this gift from Christ through faith in your heart. Have no fear that He'll reject you. Have no fear that the deal has been changed. But friend, you must do this before you die. Then its too late. And you have no assurance you will live even another day. Just tell Him you accept the gift, which He offers.
  6. The language of faith is 'thank you'. As an indication of your acceptance you should, with gratitude, thank the Lord for coming into your heart--into your inner being. He is there right now if you asked Him. You may feel no difference but He's there. Your life is changed from this time forward.

If you by faith believe these things you are now a new creature, you have a new life in Christ.

Now walk by faith. Read and study the Bible. Get into a vibrant church where God's Word is preached; fellowship with other Christians.
We would welcome a note from you of your new life in Christ. We would like to help you grow.