7483 - Faith in the Unseen


Audio transcript

We’re so glad you’ve joined us today. We’re going to talk about faith.

In many cultures we have little difficulty in finding people who have trouble believing things they haven’t seen, especially if it involves areas of life which they cannot authenticate by their senses. They think if they can’t touch it or taste it, then how could it be real.

Listen to this 60 second SONspot which portrays a person like that.

[60 second Evangelism SONspot - CD104 #2]

The young man in this vignette is like many who have been educated & trained in our scientific age. They have been given the impression that if something cannot be perceived by the bodily senses then it cannot be real.

Yet, in their life they believe many things which do not stand up to their scientific criteria. Seldom will a person confess they do not believe in love just because by the five senses of the body – hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste – they are unable to measure that deep emotion. Emotions simply cannot be measured by sensory perception. Listen, life is much more complicated than the five senses record.

Neither can the reality of the spiritual realm be measured simply by the senses.

No one has ever seen God simply because God is spirit. But evidence of God’s existence surrounds us as we perceive His power and nature.
Those presently living have never seen Jesus, but the historical evidence is convincing. Even secular history declares He lived and that He died an unjust death. Listen, His resurrection proves He had power over death, and now lives in the unseen realm.

The Bible declares that He came to earth for the expressed purpose of living a sinless life so He could die as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind; thus, He paid the penalty for the sin of mankind – for you, for me.

One must believe this by faith. That means that there comes to be a steadfast assurance that what Jesus taught was true, and that what He did was because He loved people – and we’re included.

Now Jesus offers forgiveness for our sin, and extends an invitation for us to have a new life through faith in Him. But we must trust Him and rely upon Him to fulfill the many promises made to us in the Bible. This requires a faith in the unseen. We must trust the invisible One who loves us dearly – Jesus Christ.

To bring this transaction to pass, we must in our heart believe that Jesus died for our sins. We must also believe that He can and will enter our life. We give evidence of this faith by asking Jesus to come and be Lord over our life.

When we believe this in our heart and express this truth with our lips, Jesus comes to live within us. Emotions may follow but they are not necessary. Jesus always keeps His promises so you can be sure He’s there.

The language of trust is “thank you!” So if you are convinced you have new life, then express your joy and appreciation by thanking Him for coming into your life.

When you do this you are truly a new creature. Your faith in the unseen Savior has given you spiritual life which extends forever.