7462 - Contrast - 1 John 3:6


Audio transcript

We’re so glad you have joined us today as we study a portion of God’s Word.

As we are studying through the first epistle of the Apostle John we have come to chapter 3, verse 6.

Listen: “No one who lives in Him [that’s Jesus] keeps on sinning. No one who continues to sin has either seen Him or known Him.”

Notice, there is a contrast of the relationship which two different groups of people maintain with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let’s first focus upon the relationship enjoyed by that group of people who “live in Christ.” This term refers to those people who have a faith relationship with Jesus Christ. They know Him as a close friend and companion as well as Savior and Lord. Not only do they live in Jesus, but He also lives in them. From this position and relationship Jesus may live His life in and through these people to do what He did while He lived on this earth bodily.

You probably are aware that God created people for the very purpose of fellowship with them. God is invisible and and has no body, but when He created Adam and Eve He breathed into their human spirit the breath of life. This in fact was the living presence of His own Spirit, and Adam and Eve became living beings. They became spiritually alive (Gen. 2:7).

When Adam and Eve sinned, true to God’s warning (Gen. 2:17), they died spiritually. God’s Spirit left, so they were separated from God; they died spiritually. And that’s the condition of each baby born on earth.

Now, when a person repents, and by faith asks Jesus to be the Savior and Lord of their life, Jesus comes into that person and takes up residence, so that this individual becomes a completed human being, having body, soul and spirit alive within, just as Adam did. This is the relationship to which John refers in the first part of this verse, a mutually abiding relationship in which both parties receive benefit Then, as 2 Cor. 5:9 says, “we make it our goal to please Him.” That’s important to us. That’s a goal of our life.

Now notice that 1 John 3:6 has an action following the description of the relationship. In the original it says that such a person will not live a lifestyle of habitual sin.

First we point out that the will of a committed Christian will be tuned to obey. That’s the overriding hearts desire of the faithful, trusting believer. Our life and devotion to Christ Jesus compels us to yield and obey.

That doesn’t mean we will be sinlessly perfect. Every Christian will stumble occasionally because of the fallen sin nature, but that nature will not rule as master (Rom. 6:14) as it once did.

Furthermore, Scripture clearly tells us that we cannot go on habitually sinning. In verse 9 of this third chapter we are told that God’s seed remains in the committed believer so that he cannot go on sinning.

We are told in Romans 14:4 that the child of God stands strong because the Lord makes him stand. That means that the Lord is working to accomplish His will and good purpose within such a person (Phil. 2:13).

You see, the indwelling Christ is the CEO, the Lord of our life and His power works in us to protect and keep us true to Him.

Now, let’s notice the last part of the verse which is the reverse reflection of all that has been said about the committed Christian. That sentence says, “No one who continues to sin has either seen Him or known Him.” This describes a person who continues to live a habitual lifestyle of sin. Ephesians 4 (18-19) describes these people as being darkened in their understanding and being separated from the life of God. They have hard and callused hearts, and are greedy to practice every kind of uncleanness. This is their lifestyle. And their conscience does not convict them of sin.

So, how about their relationship with Jesus? This verse tells us plainly that they do not have a relationship with Him. They may call His name and even claim to be His child, but that is not true. Their very lifestyle denies that they know Him. Back in 1 John 2:4 it says, if a person claims to know Jesus but does not obey His commands he is a liar.

That’s the contrast within this verse. Abiding in Him and living a Godly life vs living like the devil and ignoring Jesus. How about you?