7458 - Take Away Sin - 1 John 3:5a


Audio transcript

Welcome. We rejoice when you join us to study God’s Word.

Today we come face to face with one of the most encouraging statements in the Word of God. In the first part of 1 John 3:5 we read:
“But you know that He appeared so that He might take away our sins.”

In verse 4 of this same chapter we are told that sin is lawlessness. That means that anytime we violate the standards of Holy God, then we are unrighteous. These violations identify us as sinners. They do not make us sinners. When we were born we were sinners because we descended from Adam & Eve. In God’s economy the children of Adam & Eve inherit their sin nature. That has been true of every baby born on earth who had a human father, since the sin nature is passed on through the father.

As a side note we mention that Jesus did not have a human father, but was fathered by the Holy Spirit; thus, Jesus did not have a sin nature at birth.

Lest you become angry with Adam, let me quickly remind you that everyone, excluding Jesus, that’s everyone with a human father, who has lived to early maturity has personally, by an act of the human will, ratified Adam’s rebellious act against God. There has never been a person who has escaped this dreadful truth. We all have sinned in our own rights. That means we are sinners by choice and by heritage. That’s the bad news!

Join that truth with the truth that sin brings spiritual death and we begin to comprehend the horribleness of sin. Just one sin brought death into the world. Now sin causes us all to be dead.

Spiritual death is defined, in elementary terms, as separation from God. God cannot associate with sin. Habakkuk (1:13) tells us that God’s character is so pure that He cannot even look upon evil, nor can He tolerate wrong. So when evil, or sin, is present God must turn His back, and fellowship is broken.

That’s what happened when Jesus was on the cross. There came the moment when the sins of all humanity were placed upon Jesus there on the cross. Just think, the entire collection of sins which had been committed by people in their entire history up to that point were placed upon Jesus. But that’s not all; the entire collection of sins which would be committed throughout the remaining history of time were likewise placed upon Jesus. Such an awesome burden. That sight was terrible. So much so that God the Father had to turn away. For the first & only time in eternity, fellowship between the Father and the Son was ruptured.

And friend, this was the very moment for which Jesus was born. He knew this fact before He left heaven to be born as a baby. He knew that truth when He began ministry. He so well knew that truth as He prayed on the Mount of Olives just hours before the crucifixion. His agony over contemplating this separation which would soon be His personal experience was so great that His sweat was like drops of blood; yet, He said to the apostles, “what is written about me is reaching fulfillment. (Luke 22:43,37).”

“But you know that He appeared so that He might take away our sin.” That’s what John writes to these believers. You know! That truth had been plainly revealed there in the first century, although false teachers, as tools of Satan, had risen up to deny this truth and deceive the people.

As this Scripture was written by John the sacrifice was completed. The penalty for sin had been paid, for every human born on earth (1 John 2:2). However, God has decreed that only those who believe, who agree with God about their sins, and then receive the gift of eternal life offered by Jesus, will personally experience the removal of sin. To say it another way –– sin has been paid for, but each person must pick up their own gift package before redemption & reconciliation becomes theirs personally.

Then Scripture tells us that our transgressions have been removed as far as the east is from the west –– an infinite distance. They are gone. We’ll never face them again.

Oh friend, if you’ve never received your gift package, call out to God now. Ask Jesus to enter your life to be your Savior and Lord.