7447 - Changing Life


Audio transcript

Welcome friend. Today let’s think together about experiences which change life.

We all know or have heard about someone who has experienced great physical trauma which has changed the course of their life. People like Joni Erikson Tada, who received spinal injuries which resulted in paralysis. By God’s grace she came to face these limitations.

But the ultimate change of life comes when someone surrenders to Jesus Christ.

Listen to this short SONlight message which focuses our attention upon the supernatural change which Jesus brings into the life of a person who will yield to Him in faith.

[60 second Evangelism SONspot - Metamorphosis]

That caterpillar was designed by the creator God to go through metamorphosis. He’s the one who worked out such an amazing plan and brings it about as each butterfly spreads its wings and flies away.

Perhaps you have not realized that the same Creator God also designed a much more amazing transformation for the life of each human being.
Just think, any person who comes to the point of awareness that the good things that they want to accomplish, they are unable to bring about; rather, they do the evil things that in their mind, more than once they have abhorred and wished they could break the grip.

God has called this ‘slavery to sin’ and every individual has experienced this. No one has escaped committing at least one sin and that proves that we’re sinners.

But God gave to every person a human will and with this will we are able to choose a better course for our life. The miraculous change which comes to a person who, as an act of their will, invites Jesus Christ to enter their life and become Lord and Savior, is the most wonderful transformation of all.

It is a great gift offered to us because of what Jesus Christ did in our place. You see, Jesus as the Son of God, knew that people were helpless in sin, and hopeless to do anything about it. Sin must be paid for or we perish. Jesus, because He loved us so much, was willing to come to earth, live as man in order to die in my place, and in your place, to pay the just penalty for sin. Now He offers new life -- eternal life -- to those who will trust Him and accept His gift by faith. By an act of your will.

Here’s how you can receive Jesus Christ. In your heart and with your voice:
First, recognize that you are a sinner. Now confess this fact to God and turn from your sins.
Second, believe that Jesus Christ died in your place on the cross and rose from the grave.
Third, invite Jesus Christ to take control of your life, to be your Lord and Savior.

And friend, if you voiced each of these desires, then you are now a Christian. Jesus lives in your heart. You have a new life, and through Christ you have power over sin.

Friend, the language of trust is thank you, so by faith thank Jesus that He has come to be your Lord and Savior and that He now lives in your life.

If you accepted Jesus, then let us know so we can send you some material to help you begin to grow.