21 Days of Pursuit - Day 1

Tonight was the second SONlight board meeting since I became Executive Director. The last meeting and tonight’s meeting were very important for the future of SONlight, as we are now going month by month to determine how best to use the limited financial resources we have.

Since May of last year, I have been receiving my salary from a large endowment SONlight received several years ago. That endowment filled in the gaps in the SONlight budget for a number of years, and was a great blessing each year. But when I came to SONlight full-time, it was because it was evident that for SONlight to continue, big changes and updates to the ministry were necessary.

For about 8 months I have been diligently focusing on following the Lord’s leading and addressing the many urgent and large tasks that needed to be addressed to insure the future effectiveness of this ministry. As of last week, the last of those tasks was accomplished. The last “fire” was put out, and now I can focus my energy on the next large task.

Up until this point, I have not had a strong drive to raise financial support for my work at SONlight. I have known that it was needed, but I had a full plate of many other tasks and projects, and never had peace about pursuing that support.

That was, until tonight. The SONlight Board confirmed the burden that was placed on my heart this week to passionately focus on raising support for SONlight.

On March 9th, the Board will meet again to look at donations that have come in and they will determine how that will affect my paid service here at SONlight. If I can raise enough support to keep the financial health of SONlight stable, then they will be comfortable extending my pay for another month.

So this is Day 1 of a 21 day pursuit of a
God sized task.

How can you help? You can pray, you can send me names of people to contact, and you can check back for daily updates and prayer requests.

Day 1
Pray for immediate leading of the Holy Spirit. That the Lord would make my path straight and smooth, and that he would lead me to people to talk to right away.