21 More Days

This message was written by Lydia Tate.

Thank you Lydia for all your support and encouragement, you are a blessing to me in so many ways. - David

“Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation!
O my soul, praise Him, for He is thy health and salvation!”
Jo­ach­im Ne­an­der 1680, Lobe den Herren, den mächtigen König der Ehre (Trans. Catherine Winkworth)

These past three weeks have been full of His help. In so many ways have we seen the Lord again and again answer us when we call on Him. For our car, our health, our home, all our day-to-day needs, even protection from uncertain situations. God alone deserves the praise for the things we have witnessed.

Up and Down
As David went in to work this past Tuesday, things were up in the air. Many questions arose: What would the Board say at the meeting? Has enough money come in? What next?

When I called in to check on him Tuesday evening before the meeting, situations had been up and down. This whole three weeks, that’s been the character of his days - up and down - a virtual roller coaster of situations and emotions. We can honestly say that the Lord has done all of the work these three weeks - and He has seen to it that He alone can receive the glory.

David saw an entire week away from the office simply due to his health and our car. Amid our frustration, we see that God alone can receive the glory when David is laid up!

SONlight Board Meeting

And what is the result of the 21 Days of Pursuit?

The Lord Provides
Jehovah Jireh - God be praised! The immediate need is being met and the Board & David are pleased to continue on for another 21 days.

We have a new goal, a new challenge - another chance to see the Lord exalted. What will these next 21 days hold for us? Hopefully our cars and health will hold up better.

Sitting on the cusp of these next three weeks, we enter in with David fighting the end of bronchitis, our youngest battling asthma, and our middle son coughing and in need of a doctor’s visit today. My car is running well though!

I am anxiously awaiting what the Lord will do and how He will show Himself to be the One in charge - Magnified! Glorified! Exalted!

What can we say except:

“Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation!
O my soul, praise Him, for He is thy health and salvation!”

The Next Goal
Be in prayer today as David heads into work and begins another 21 Days of hard, focussed work.

Our mandate from the Board of Directors is to bring in another the remainder of this months monthly needs through current and new giving. Nine days into March we are half way there, but there is still a ways to go.

If we cannot raise the necessary amount, then we will be taking a paycut of $1000 in April. The idea here is that it would be better to make smaller cuts in the budget now, instead of us having to take a hard hit of cutting our entire salary. David and I are at peace with this decision and leave ourselves and our finances in the easy hands of Jehovah Jireh.

Continue to pray for the financial health of SONlight.

Pray that the Lord will soften hearts for the ministry of SONlight, and that David would follow the Lord closely.

Pray that David will be blessed with a full schedule of meetings and phone calls, and that there would be many positive responses.