2012 Tate Family Year in Review

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Who can resist writing a Christmas letter on the last repeated day of the century 12/12/12 -- the last duplicated date that will occur for the rest of our lifetime. Pretty neat - I could probably turn it into a mini-sermon, but I’ll leave that to the preacher.

Life in seminary marches steady onward with its papers, reading, and of course, “Dr. Pepper Hour.” David enjoys his studies and ended the school year this past May with excellent grades and was awarded a scholarship that will carry the cost of his tuition and books for the entire 2012-2013 year including summer school. We are blessed. In June, he accepted a position at Westwood Baptist Church and began his pastoral career. We have fallen in love with this sweet church of warm, loving people who give from their hearts and love Jesus abundantly. August saw two lifetime events - David’s ordination into the ministry was a memory to treasure and an honor to witness. And, the Tate family saw the homecoming of Harold, “Papa Tate” to us all, and SONlight’s Director Emeritus and beloved founder.

The fall has been a whirlwind after such an eventful summer. And we wouldn’t be “us” if we didn’t throw in one more huge life event this year. The Lord led us in a new direction shortly after David’s ordination - we began the search for a home near our new church. Our desire to live close in the community where we worship and minister has been a long-time imbedded desire going back ten years. This desire became reality the Wednesday before Thanksgiving when we closed on our new house. We love it here and we are thrilled at how God orchestrated every detail (and still is).
Lydia’s journey in home-schooling and involvement in the home-school community in Waco continues to be a blessed labor of love. Her duties as assistant with SONlight continue and we look forward to seeing how SONlight will continue to grow this coming year. She had a busy, fun-filled year from field-day to snowflake making to packing - never a dull moment.

Wow! What a year! (No wonder the parents are so tired.) We cannot wait to see what 2013 holds for us. May the Lord bless your 2013 abundantly. May you know the love, mercy, and delight of the Lord Jesus.

The Tate Family