138-11 Real Life



This is a selection from our most recent 60-Second Evangelism spot CD. These CDs are sent throughout the year to over 1600 radio stations around the world. If you would like to participate with us in writing, recording, and producing these short messages, contact us.

“Real Life” is a dialogue between two men discussing the differences between an empty life and a full one.

Starring: Ted Sangalis and Jock Passalacqua


A How’s the overhaul going?

B Not bad. These little classics are easy to work on.

A Those little cars are known for endurance.

B You know what would really give this thing new life?

A Tell me.

B To drop a new v6 into it with about 240 horsepower.

A That would really be a conversion.

B I’ll tell you the truth, that’s what my life needs too.

A What do you mean, Lawrence?

B Well, I’ve lost my zest for living.

A I can’t believe it!

B The parties and dolls just don’t satisfy anymore.

A Have you thought about Jesus Christ and His promise of an abundant life?

B Oh, I go to church.

A Lawrence, Its more than church. Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? Is He the power source in your life?

B To be truthful, I’d have to say no.

A Then ask Jesus into your life and you’ll really start living. You’ll experience fulfillment, joy and peace. You’ll be a new man.

B Really?

A He’ll change your life more than a new engine would change your car.

B That sounds like what I need.