5 Minute SONspot Bible Studies

Man studying the Bible
SONlight's 5 Minute SONspot Bible Studies utilize solid and accessible biblical teaching to teach and equip people with knowledge and understanding of scripture.

Each bible study is part of a series that studies in sequence each verse and passage of a biblical book. The verses being studied are read and then looked at in depth to pursue understanding and relevant application. We try to not skip any verses or jump around, but simply to methodically study through these biblical books in whole.
These studies are not overly complex, nor too simple. They try to walk the middle ground of presenting the understanding of scriptural passages in a thorough but easy to understand manner. As a result each lesson not only is able to stand alone as a study, but it also fits in with the entire series to give greater comprehension.

You can view a selection of Bible study transcripts and listen to the accompanying radio messages on the first chapter of John in our transcript section.

Our current broadcasts and transcripts can be listened to and read on our blog.

I want you to know that your program SONlight has helped me in my ministry, in ways you couldn’t imagine. I use them when I am teaching or just to share with someone else that doesn’t know the Lord as we do... - Rev. G. Robert Gardiner

Letters from Nigeria

The following two letters are from Dr. Standfast Oyinna, Snr. He is an evangelist broadcasting SONlight's 5 Minute SONspots in Taraba, Nigeria.

The first letter talks about the profound impact the SONlight Bible studies are having in Nigeria.

I can’t just help writing to express my appreciation, personally, from our ministries, TSBS and Wukari community as a whole for your special concern for us.

When we began to air 5 Minutes of SONlight in 1996, it took just a couple of months for the broadcast to gain recognition in Taraba and five bordering states.

Counselors soon began to ask for cassettes of the program, stating that playing SONlight in cyclic replay helps their clients. Similar mails began to come in from MDS and Educational Institutions.

When Focus on the Family was placed on the air the same time SONlight goes out in TSBS, the sponsors suggested we change our time, thinking that Dr. Dobson will dominate the air waves, but Focus on the family changed their time instead because the audience would tune in to SONlight. The program is real to life they all say.

In 2006, SONlight won an award from the Taraba broadcasting Co-operation for persistence and hitch free broadcasting. The wall clock is in our office.

We have a SONlight radio club, organized by Mendelsshon Oyinna. They do many good works from prayer, to helping the poor in different manual works, the SONlight tape library where they give out SONlight program cassettes judiciously to the asking.

We pray that the time comes when Dr. Tate will speak live on 90.5 FM and TSBS AM!

Dr. Standfast Oyinna, Snr.

(emphasis added)

This second letter talks about how often our 5 Minute SONspot Bible studies are played in Nigeria, and discusses some of the assistance we have provided the ministry efforts in Nigeria through the supply of Bibles.

Dear Brother Tate,

I am sorry we had a bad connection during our talk. Let me start with answering your questions. We broadcast on four stations: TSBS 1017KHZ AM Wukari, PEACE 90.5 FM JOS, 88.10 FM Umuahia and 92.80 FM Enugu. We air 30 min of SONlight at 15:15-15:45 GMT daily on TSBS, four times each week on the other stations at the times we had listed before.

We reach the elite group and the people with basic education with SONlight which they cherish so much as indicated from our audience mails. Our targeted audience is over 10 million.

There is a facet of ministry in which we minister to the unchurched. We have many millions of such: pagans, traditional worshippers, Moslems, etc. Because they have not heard the Gospel before our arrival they usually ask for Bibles to check out what we teach. Most of them can’t afford to buy one. We even give out clothing when necessary. The few our ministry purchase from the open market is insufficient, leading to one Bible passing through many hands daily.

Thank you for your offer of help with Bibles. Paperbacks are alright but their print has to be relatively bold to avoid a request for reading glasses. Maybe the most economical way of solving the problem is to assist us to purchase the Bibles locally here in Nigeria. If you don’t see it as irregular, it will make every dime to go as far as possible in the project and the cost of postage will also be saved. Please consider this prayerfully.

We are marching to the same drummer as far as going to heaven and leading others there is concerned. I became a Christian during my high school years in the 70’s and have remained faithful to the Lord ever since. We trust you will put in your best to hold our hands in our toiling in the Lord’s Vineyard in Nigeria.

I am, Yours and God’s Servant,
Dr. Standfast Oyinna, Snr.

(emphasis added)