Shining the Son's Light in the World

One Billion people a month can hear a SONlight message.
SONlight is dedicated to spreading the word of God around the world. We produce and distribute two forms of messages that get played on thousands of radio stations around the world. We estimate that One Billion people are able to hear a SONlight message each month through either one of our 5 Minute SONspot bible-study/interviews or a 60 second Evangelism SONspot program.

SONlight was founded in 1977 with the mission of sharing the saving grace of Jesus around the world through radio. Each of our radio messages seeks to invade the time and space of the world with the saving message of Christ or with strong biblical teaching. Watch a 60 second informative video

Our Goal

SONlight desires to serve as a part of the fulfillment of the Great Commission by sharing the gospel and teaching disciples through two forms of SONspot radio broadcasts.

SONlight's mission is to spread the gospel and biblical teaching through these radio broadcasts in the many spiritually thirsty areas worldwide.
SONspots are broadcast around the world, but there are still many opportunities...
SONspot broadcast map
As you can see from our broadcast maps we have made a lot of headway in getting these messages out, but there is still so much to do. There are many people around the world who still need to here the Gospel and receive good foundational Biblical teaching.
I have tried every thing but the more I tried the emptier I feel. Is there hope for me? Tell me can I be saved? Does Jesus love me? - Rickey
Our messages of hope and salvation are able to go out through volunteered time and financial support from people like you. Each one has committed time or money each month to ensuring that these radio broadcasts will continue to go out.
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If you would like to join in the work and ministry of SONlight as a volunteer or would like to support SONlight financially please get involved as the Lord leads.
If you would like to broadcast these messages or use them in some way we can provide access to them each month via FTP. Contact us for login information and scheduling.

Listen Online

We now have our 5 Minute SONspots Bible studies and interviews available online. You can listen to the spots in your browser, download them to listen to later, or subscribe to our podcast.
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Our 5-minute SONspot messages may also be heard streaming online through KHCB on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:38 pm and 9:55 pm CST. View calendar
Listen Live: 16k/11 khz | 36k/22 khz | 56k/22 khz | 96k/32 khz